To register:

Call us at 860-963-7807 


or stop by the studio at 112 Main St. in Putnam.


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All Ages Workshops

Sawmill Pottery offers classes and workshops for all ages and all levels of experience. Call (860-963-7807) or email us for details or to register.

If you need a place to stay while visiting the area to take a workshop, please check out The Last Green Valley website.

Upcoming Workshops

Pieces can take up to a month to get fired, glazed, and ready for pick up.

Can’t find a workshop that fits your schedule? Try a private lesson! Private lessons are $60/hour for the first person, and an additional $40/hour for any additional people. 

TO REGISTER: Call 860-963-7807


Adult Workshops ON the Pottery Wheel



Choose from one of the following dates:  

Saturday, June 29, 10:30am-12:30pm
Saturday, July 6, 10am-Noon
Sunday, July 14, Noon-2pm
Saturday, July 20, 1:30-3:30pm
Sunday, July 28, Noon-2pm

$75 includes all materials, firing and glazing of your bowls

Wheel 101 is a two hour intro to creating bowls on the pottery wheel.

You’ll learn to “throw” the clay and have the opportunity to make 2 bowls.

You’ll pick glaze colors at the end of the session, and the bowls will be fired and glazed for you and returned in about a month!

No experience necessary!!


(NOT on the pottery wheel)

Extruded Vases

Sunday July 7, 10am-Noon $75

Join us to create a whimsical, multi-part vase with extruded parts. It is our take on a tulipiere, which is a vessel originating from Holland in the 1600s to hold tulips. But don't worry! We won't limit you to tulips! Use this cool vase to proudly display any flowers. 

Make yours however you wish--have all the flowers standing straight up, or create a boquet effect by bending and angling them. You'll add some embellishments and choose glaze colors. Leave your creation with us and we will fire it, glaze it, and have it back to you in a month to display your late summer flowers!

Bird Feeders

Sunday, July 21, 10am-Noon $85

Create a small feeder for your feathered friends! You'll use templates to cut out the walls, roof and floor to your feeder. Shannon will teach you how to attach the pieces together and decorate them with your own personal flair. 

You'll choose glaze colors by the end of the workshop. We will fire, glaze, and wire up your feeder. All you have to do is buy seed and hang it! The birds will surely appreciate eating from such a work of art!

Incense Houses

Saturday, July 27, 10am-Noon $80

Have you seen these adorable little incense burning houses? The smoke blows right out of the chimney! You'll be taught how to build the house out of clay and then you'll have the opportunity to use your creativity to make your house unique. 

You can make yours simple, fanciful, or realistic! Once you're happy with your house, you'll leave it with us and we will fire and glaze it for you and it will be ready to pick up within a month.

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