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Dot Burnworth, owner of Sawmill Pottery, is also a public artist. She has completed both solo commissioned pieces as well as community based public art pieces. She enjoys teaching and empowering groups to create art in their own spaces, believing that the communal creative process builds stronger, healthier communities and helps individuals feel more connected. 

To explore the idea of a public art work in your space, please contact Dot at 860-963-7807. 

"Ellie" Mural ,  2023

This mural was created in 2023 by Dot Burnworth and Heather Viveiros in partnership with elementary students grades 1-4 at Putnam Elementary School. We worked in the school daily for 6 weeks, teaching the kids about clay and public art. 

The kids brainstormed ideas for the theme of the mural, and the design is a compilation of ideas they came up with. They created all the border tiles, the land and water tiles for the Earth, and many of the outer space tiles. Dot and Heather created the large 3D pieces, glazed and fired all the work, and installed the mural. 


The entire process took 8 months. It was funded by Putnam Public Schools, RiseUP for Arts, Centreville Bank, The Last Green Valley, and Weiss, Hale, and Zahansky.


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Faces of Putnam, 2022

Prior to the pandemic, this piece had been started as a community project where visitors to Putnam's First Friday festivals were invited to paint a "self portrait" on a tile, using mostly black and white with just a splash of color. Some were more realistic, some were more abstract. 

Three sides of this obelisk were completed before March 2020, and the tiles for the final side were painted and installed in 2022. The obelisk lived for 3 years in the Montgomery Ward Building in downtown Putnam until it moved in 2023 to it's current location in the Putnam Elementary School building.


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MPREP,   2020

In March of 2020, the week before Covid shut the world down, 13 students from Marianapolis Preparatory School spent 5 days at Sawmill Pottery creating a piece of work for their campus that would reflect the global nature of their community.



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 Released, October 2016

"Released" was a collaboration between Dot Burnworth and glass artist, Amy Jakowski. They were commissioned by Harrington Hospital to create an installation piece for the chapel. They worked together to design a piece that would evoke calm and hope for visitors to the chapel.

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Under the Sea, 2014

The Under the Sea mural was created by students at Sawmill Pottery during the summer of 2014 and donated to the Oncology department at Day Kimball Hospital in September, 2014. The kids came up with the concept and designed and created all the pieces.

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Light the Way, 2014

Light the Way was a project at the Episcopal Conference Center in Pascoag, RI. In one single week of camp, a group of students came up with a concept and design, created, glazed and fired the tiles, and installed them onto this bench that would sit outside the Tower of Silence. The piece served as a piece of art and a place of rest and contemplation.


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