To register:

Call us at 860-963-7807 


or stop by the studio at 112 Main St. in Putnam.


Adult Classes

General Requirements

All adult classes come with 2 hours per week of free open studio time.

All adult students must have tools. Tool kits are $25.

You have unlimited use of clay in the studio, but firing fees are not included.

TO REGISTER: Call 860-963-7807

Beginner Pottery Class

No experience necessary

Thursday Nights: April 27-June 15, 6:30-9pm
$325 + $25 tool kit and Firing Fees
** includes 16 hours of open studio to use during the class weeks.
**Firing fees are not included and are based on the number and size of the pieces you choose to fire.

This class is for folks aged 18+ who are brand new to clay or who need to get back to basics and want to start at the beginning again. 

The class is primarily on the pottery wheel, with one or two handbuilding projects. You'll start the first week by learning how to "wedge" your clay and "throw" bowls on the pottery wheel. From there, you'll learn trimming and glazing and then move on, trying other shapes like plates and mugs. 

You'll get the chance to make a handbuilt mug or other basic hand building project. You'll also learn simple decorative techniques, including stamping and under glazing.


Monday Nights, 6:30-9pm:   
January 2-February 20, 8 weeks, $325
February 27-April 17, 8 weeks, $325
April 24-June 12, 8 weeks, $325

Tuesday Nights, 6:30-9pm:
January 3-February 21, 8 weeks, $325
February 28-April 18, 8 weeks, $325
April 25-June 13, 8 weeks, $325

Wednesday Nights, 6:30-9pm:
January 4-February 22, 8 weeks, $325
March 1-April 19, 8 weeks, $325
April 26-June 14, 8 weeks, $325

Thursday Mornings, 10am-12:30pm:
January 5-February 23, 8 weeks, $325
March 2-April 20, 8 weeks, $325
April 27-June 15, 8 weeks, $325

Thursday Nights, 6:30-9pm:
January 5-February 23, 8 weeks, $325
March 2-April 20, 8 weeks, $325

Friday Nights: 6:30-9pm
January 6-February 24, 8 weeks, $325
March 3-April 21, 8 weeks, $325
April 28-June 16, 8 weeks, $325

Private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons are available and can be customized to your individual interests. We will do our best to match you up with the instructor most skilled in the techniques that interest you. 

Cost: $75 per hour for the first person, and an additional $50 per hour for any additional participants. All materials and firing fees are included.




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